Educational equity starts with great teaching

Districts want every student to excel.  We help them produce higher student achievement by transforming professional learning for teachers.  When teachers work together around the content at the center of their work, they are better equipped to spark higher levels of progress.  Equity stems from access to rigorous learning, so we help teachers to both identify areas of bias and implemenet pedagocial approaches that maintain high expectations.

Leading Educators partners with school districts to:

  • Develop models of distributed leadership that empower teacher leaders to drive weekly, content-specific adult learning and practice in their schools.
  • Strengthen school and teacher leaders' content, management, and instructional expertise so they have the skills needed to lead school-wide change.

  • Build school and district leaders’ capacity to develop and sustain systems of iterative professional learning to improve teacher and student performance

We do this by:

  • Helping districts identify and establish the enabling conditions key to building and sustaining high-quality professional learning systems for teachers

  • Providing job-embedded training, coaching, and other supports that are grounded in data and the reality of teacher leaders’ daily practice

  • Delivering context-specific programming that develops teachers’ leadership, equity, and subject matter expertise in English, language arts, and math

  • Supporting teacher leaders in implementing weekly professional learning to build their capacity as designers and facilitators of adult learning.

In my 19 years as an educator, I have seen my fair share of district-wide professional development initiatives. I’m proud to say that LEAP is far and away the best PD program I’ve ever seen. We care so much about our students, and LEAP has given us the tools we need to help them excel.”
— Arthur Mola, Principal at Bancroft Elementary School