Leading Educators offers two distinct pathways to school impact and systemic change, the Leading Educators Fellowship and Leading Educators Strategic Support Initiatives.


The Fellowship

The national Leading Educators Fellowship is a rigorous two-year participant experience designed to increase student achievement through teacher leadership. The Fellowship lays a foundation of formal training in the areas of Developing Self, Coaching Others, Leading Teams, and Driving Initiatives. Fellows then work with a Leadership Coach to develop an Impact Initiative, a project the Fellow implements with a team inside their school designed to improve student learning. Through these experiences, Fellows are able to apply their new learning within their everyday context, lastingly building their skillfulness as teacher leaders and improving the lives of students in their building.

The goal of the Fellowship is to decrease teacher attrition in high-needs schools and contribute to robust systems for impact on student learning at scale. More


Strategic Support Initiatives

Leading Educators Strategic Support Initiatives (SSI) provide customized teacher leadership development consulting to districts, charter management organizations (CMOs), schools, and non-profit organizations to leverage teacher leadership to increase student achievement. This contract-based work may include delivery of training modules; recruitment, selection, and retention consulting; train-the-trainer projects; and evaluation consulting. More


"I am confident that Leading Educators helped prepare me to take on a leadership position in my school and provided me with the time, training, and tools to drive student achievement and staff development in my school."
- Claire Jecklin, Fellowship Cohort 2010