Virtual Learning Support

Beyond formal professional development sessions and coaching, we use several technology platforms to support ongoing access to expert feedback, planning tools, examples of instructional strategies, and sharing of best practices across regional partnerships.

Torsh talent

Torsh TALENT is an easy to use, video-based observation, feedback and data management platform that gives educators a central place to:

  • reflect on instructional practice
  • collaborate with coaches and content-area peers
  • assess the effectiveness of classroom instruction
  • receive feedback aligned to embedded facilitation and coaching rubrics.

Teacher leaders in our programs use TALENT to capture video artifacts of professional learning and instruction as they implement and reflect on their instructional development.  Our Cycles of Professional Learning model is grounded in analyzing both student and teacher evidence to assess mastery of standards and identify areas for adjustment, and TALENT supports that process by allowing teacher leaders to record meetings and lessons using a smartphone application and then share those recordings with peers and coaches.  Teacher leaders and coaches then review video artifacts to tag and rate specific practices using our Facilitation Vision of Excellence Rubric (FVER).  Torsh has been a critical partner in building a national community of learning where participants have opportunities to collaborate beyond national and regional learning convenings.



During the program year, Leading Educators-facilitated professional development sessions are supported with interactive companion courses in Canvas, a web-based platform from Instructure.  Within Canvas, participants have access to planning tools and protocols, supplementary reading, discussion boards, and content-specific modules.  Teacher leaders have the opportunity to opt-in to self-paced, moderated online courses in core instructional areas and leadership essentials.