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Candidates for the Teams Fellowship include both teacher leaders and principals. Teacher leaders play diverse roles in their schools. While some are Lead Teachers, Curriculum Coordinators, and Department Chairs, others are Culture Coaches and Grade Level Chairs. Although their roles encompass a breadth of responsibilities, teacher leaders share a commitment to helping all students achieve. Principals provide the leadership and support that teacher leaders need to be successful in their roles. All candidates hold themselves and their colleagues accountable for outstanding results.

What do successful candidates for the Teams Fellowship look like?

  • strive for greater impact in their current school roles
  • have an unwavering commitment to educational equity
  • possess a firm belief that all children can achieve at high levels
  • actively seek opportunities to leverage strengths and develop areas for growth—both as a teacher and as a leader


What are the requirements for participation in the Teams Fellowship as a teacher leader?

  • Formal or informal responsibility for impacting the student results of at least two other faculty members
  • Outstanding results as a teacher as measured by classroom observations and student achievement
  • A minimum of two years of full-time classroom teaching experience
  • Commitment to their current school during their two-year program tenure
  • Position in a public, open enrollment school where 70% of students receive free or reduced-priced meals


What is Leading Educators looking for in the application and interview process?

  • Leading Educators looks for certain core competencies in choosing all candidates for the Fellowship. These competencies include the following, as defined in the Leadership Competency Framework that guides our work in teacher leadership:
  • Demonstrated exceptional results in student learning
  • Instructional Excellence
  • Alignment to the Leading Educators Core Values of Equity, Service, Community, Growth, and Results
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Management
  • Communication


Overview | Candidate | Application Process | Principal Application