Who We Serve

We work schools that predominantly serve student populations who have experienced persistent historic and current opportunity gaps.

  • 89.6% of students served identify as people of color

  • 59.4% of students served identify as Black or African American

  • 24.6% of students served identify as Hispanic or Latinx

  • 82.3% of students served are eligible for free and reduced price lunch

Measuring Impact

To support our partners in making evidence-based decisions for their students, we are committed to routine impact analyses that go beyond describing changes in student outcomes to estimating the impact participating in Leading Educators had on students.  

  • We have partnered with the RAND corporation to design a rigorous analytic tool that we can use every year. We anticipate being able to share early results in school year 2019-2020.

  • In 2017, we began a federally funded  randomized controlled trial (RCT) to generate gold-standard evidence of impact. Results will be available in 2021.


Over two years of implementing the LEAP program with Leading Educators’ support, DC Public Schools saw accelerated student growth in ELA and math across all grade levels.