One thing Leading Educators does best is that they keep equity in the forefront of what they do.
It can be easy to develop teachers around changes in standards, but what sets them apart is how by looking through the changes with an equity lens, teachers can be a part of the change necessary in breaking the injustices students of color or any underrepresented group experiences.”
— District Leader

Our partners form a diverse network of traditional district and public-enrollment charter networks who serve majority populations of students of color and students who are economically-disadvantaged.

Chicago, Il

In 2016, Leading Educators was awarded an Investing in Innovation (i3) grant from the US Department of Education to launch the Chicago Common Core Collaborative. Funds from the i3 support a cohort of teacher leader teams representing 20 schools across three Chicago partners – Chicago Public Schools, KIPP Chicago, and the North Chicago Community United School District. The i3 grant will support the Chicago Collaborative through May 2020, including a randomized control trial conducted by the RAND Corporation to assess the impact of our model on professional learning and student achievement.

Detroit, MI

In July 2019, Leading Educators launched a partnership with Detroit Public Schools Community District building on the district’s master teacher initiative. The program is designed to support English language arts teachers at more than 20 high schools as they implement a new high-quality curriculum. Over the next year, Leading Educators and DPSCD will increase district-level capacity for continuous improvement, scale shared leadership that allows master educators to mentor peer teachers, and implement weekly professional learning opportunities for ELA teachers.  Master teachers will have access to additional supports including professional development workshops, “Learning Labs” for analyzing data and preparing for facilitation, and instructional leadership coaching.  

Grand Rapids, MI

Thanks to a generous grant from the Doug & Maria DeVos Foundation, Leading Educators expanded to Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the first cohort of principals and teacher leaders began training in the summer of 2017. Our approach is the backbone of an ambitious strategy to significantly increase academic achievement among economically-disadvantaged young people who attend the nearly 120 district, charter, and religious schools in the Greater Grand Rapids urban area.

The Greater Grand Rapids program is a comprehensive effort to increase teacher effectiveness, which research consistently shows is the single most powerful lever for driving student academic outcomes. The work will capitalize on the greatest asset within Grand Rapids’ urban schools—experienced educators—by supporting up to 300 teacher leaders along with their principals and district administrators. This approach will make it possible to scale exceptional teaching and provide approximately 2,400 classroom teachers with self-driven professional development opportunities. The end goal is great outcomes for 40,000 students.

New Orleans &        Baton Rouge, La

The New Orleans region was founded in 2008 as the flagship teacher leader development program of Leading Educators. Since then, over 150 educators from the Greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge area have graduated from the 2-year Fellowship program. Supported by a dedicated group of regional funders including Baptist Community Ministries and the Kellogg Foundation, the Fellowship program currently partners with 13 schools to empower teams of educators to drive toward school-wide impact for all students by participating in a year-round program that expands their content knowledge, leadership skills, and equitable teaching and leadership practices. Educators participate in regional professional development sessions as a Cohort, receive ongoing individualized leadership coaching in their schools, and engage with Leading Educators tools and resources proven to drive academic gains in schools.

Tulsa, Ok

Building on Tulsa Public Schools' “Destination Excellence” vision of inspiring and preparing every student to love learning and achieve ambitious goals, the Empower program creates weekly opportunities for teams of teachers in a content area to lead collaborative learning and practice grounded in rigorous standards and best teaching practices.  The program stems from a central belief that schools are a critical unit of social change, and teacher leaders should be drivers of that change in pursuit of equity.  Planning began in 2017, and direct support to school teams began in the summer of 2018 with an inaugural cohort of 55 leaders.  The first year of the program serves 10 schools.