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Rebecca Dill
Executive Assistant and Special Events Coordinator

Rebecca supports Amy Rome, President, and Kelvey Oster, Chief of Networks, and coordinates collaboration and strategy across the Network Strategy Team and Program Leadership Team as Executive Assistant and Special Events Coordinator at Leading Educators.

Rebecca’s “Why”

With a background in diverse nonprofit organizations, she enjoys working with complex teams to help improve the delivery of programs and strategies. She is inspired to contribute to Leading Educators’ nationwide impact and vision and mission focused on access to opportunity for all students. She is also excited to continue to explore her interest in community-focused justice and equity.

Rebecca’s Journey

Prior to joining Leading Educators, Rebecca worked at a large community foundation supporting grantmaking across the Chicago region and an environmental organization leading coalitions of nonprofits, businesses, and governmental entities to protect natural resources. Rebecca taught reading in Ghana for a semester as a volunteer and has also volunteered as a running coach and an adult literacy tutor. She is currently an associate board member of a workforce development organization.

Rebecca holds a Masters of Public Service Management from DePaul University and a B.S. in geology. She lives in Chicago and enjoys biking in and out of the city and travels abroad to hike, scuba dive, and eat new foods.

Fun-fact: There is a health food store named after her, Rebecca’s Natural Foods, in her hometown of Charlottesville, VA.