Precious Steele Boyle, PhD
Director of Content & Design

Precious is a synergizing educational leader who is committed to using her core principles to guide her life’s work of creating equity in the development of others. She leads a strand of internal learning and supports innovation efforts as the Director of Program Innovation at Leading Educators.

Precious’ “Why”

As a Black student in Alabama, Precious had the pleasure of learning from a few Black teachers who not only expected her to do well academically, but exposed her to a world of possibilities by creating educational experiences inside and outside the classroom. She later attended Stillman College, a small HBCU in Alabama, where her guiding principle was solidified: Never be content with anyone else’s definition of you; instead define yourself by your own truths, beliefs, and understanding of who you are and how you came to be.

Precious’ Journey

Previously, Precious designed and implemented systematic coach development across the organization as Director of Program Delivery at Leading Educators. Before joining the team, she served as founding principal of a turnaround elementary charter school in Memphis, TN. Since becoming an educator, Precious has served as a teacher, teacher-leader, dean, and principal. She’s delivered numerous presentations locally and nationally and led teams of teachers to rapid success through coaching and professional development in data-driven instruction with active teaching strategies. She holds a B.A. in History from Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, AL, a M.Ed. from Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN, and a Ph.D. in Leadership for K-12 Programs from Capella University of Minneapolis, MN.

What Inspires You? I’m inspired by the unexpected, yet observable lessons in life, like the purpose of the rain and the consistency of the sun. I am in control of neither, yet they are a constant presence necessary for growth. The fact that these observable lessons are all around us in the purest form, is inspirational to me.

The proudest moments of my life have come as a result of saying “yes” to change and “no” to business as usual.