Since 2011, Leading Educators has worked with a multitude of partners – individual schools, districts, CMOs, and state departments – to develop and retain their best teachers to drive change in their schools. In just the 2014 – 2015 school year, Leading Educators reached:


Teacher leaders


Supported teachers







Below is a closer look at a few of those partnerships.

District of Columbia Public Schools 

A strong teacher leadership program will involve intensive professional development and coaching to help teachers step up to a leadership role. Leading Educators have been great partners to us in this work.
— Chancellor Kaya Henderson, DC Public Schools

In 2013 Leading Educators partnered with DC Public Schools (DCPS) to pilot innovative and financially sustainable hybrid teacher leader roles that give teachers the opportunity to both teach students directly, and coach and lead their peers during release time throughout the school day. Now in its third year of implementation, Teacher Leadership Innovation (TLI) supports a quarter of DCPS’s schools with professional development, leadership coaching, data-driven cycles of professional learning, that impact teacher practice and student achievement, create meaningful career ladder opportunities for great teachers across the district, and inform wider district strategy. In the two years since forming the percentage of teachers rated Effective or Highly-Effective (according to the district’s rigorous teacher evaluation system) at schools in the TLI program increased nearly twice as much as it did in other high-poverty district schools. Students at TLI schools made 4.5% more growth on the DIBELS literacy assessment during their first year in the program than they had during the previous year. In contrast, student growth rates at non-TLI schools remained flat.


Minneapolis Public Schools

When Leading Educators partnered with Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) in the summer of 2015, the district had already put into practice their belief that teacher leadership could drive student achievement increases while supporting and retaining their top teachers. But after implementing a variety of teacher leader roles, MPS was ready to take a step back, examine what was working and what wasn’t, and understand what other districts were doing to successfully roll out teacher leadership initiatives. Leading Educators Gateway <link to page about Gateway> work is currently underway to lead MPS in data-informed recommendations for teacher leadership structures and support.


Teacher Town, USA

Leading Educators has been the single greatest professional development experience I’ve ever had. It gives me the skills I need to get the job done and the hope I need to keep me going through the rough times.
— Leading Educators Fellow

Leading Educators brought its Fellowship to Memphis in 2014, when the city contained 59 of Tennessee’s 85 lowest performing schools. Teacher Town, USA formed to address this crisis, connecting schools to the Leading Educators Fellowship as a cornerstone of its reform strategy. The Memphis Fellowship currently engages 56 teacher leaders from 24 schools across Memphis. These teacher leaders engage in professional development sessions and one-on-one coaching, enabling them to positively impact students beyond their own classrooms and contributing to Memphis’ recent reputation as a paradigm of school turnaround