Nicholas Cains
Instructional Leadership Coach for Empower (Tulsa)

Nick is a human catalyst who is passionate about empowering teachers and supporting them to lead the charge in educational equity. He coaches teacher leaders and supports Tulsa Public Schools as an Instructional Leadership Coach.

Nick’s “Why”

Nick knows he is lucky to have his education. As a 5th grader, his teacher did all of the paperwork to send him to a middle school 30 minutes away in order for him to avoid the lower performing school across the street. Nick loved his school experience, but graduated knowing there was an entire class of 5th graders who also deserved the opportunities he had - no child should have to be that lucky. This caused Nick to commit to closing the opportunity gap so that all students can have opportunities just like he had.

Nick’s Journey

Previously, Nick coached 1st and 2nd year elementary teachers as a Manager of Teacher Leadership Development at Teach For America Greater Tulsa. His passion for supporting teachers came from his experience teaching 2nd grade in TPS, coaching teachers at TFA Summer Institutes, and facilitating content sessions for multiple grade levels.

He earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theater and a minor in Broadcast Journalism from Southern Methodist University. He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with the fluffiest cat named Harvey. Nick still loves to perform in plays with his current favorite role being Cogsworth in Theater Tulsa’s Beauty and the Beast.

What Inspires You? I’m inspired by my mom who is the most selfless person I know. I’m inspired by my many classes of students who are blazing their own trails in Tulsa. I’m inspired by the teachers in Oklahoma who are not afraid to let their voices be heard in the face of inequitable treatment, training, and take home pay.

Fun-fact: I love craft beer and delicious wine. I love going to new places and enjoying a good brewery tour or winery stroll. I would love to visit Napa Valley or go to Germany during Oktoberfest at some point in my life.