Teacher-led, standards-based Change

Leading Educators' program focus on building expertise in rigorous content as well as the leadership skills necessary for teacher leaders to lead instructional change that meets the demands of high standards. Centered on building the conditions for equity within schools, our professional development curriculum ensures all participants develop common foundational skills grounded in instruction and adult learning research while aligning school development plans to the specific student and teacher needs in their context. The program is designed for content-alike school teams, providing opportunities to examine data, define high-priority learning goals in collaboration, deepen content knowledge, build instructional skills, and make timely adjustments.

Who We Serve

We work with school systems who:

  • serve majority low-income students of color
  • have a demonstrated commitment and a strategy for improving instruction
  • have the leadership strength and stability to sustain change
  • have the building blocks of an effective talent strategy

CORE Program Domains

Designing Schools for Collaborative Learning

Teacher and school leaders build knowledge of effective professional learning practices and create plans to improve their school’s conditions for job-embedded, teacher-led professional learning.

Cycles of Professional Learning

Teacher leaders develop their capacity to design and facilitate adult learning. Teacher leaders set goals, lead learning, analyze evidence, and adjust future planning to respond to the specific needs of both peer teachers and students.

Social Justice and Anti-Racism

Teacher leaders learn to lead for equity by examining their own identities, building cultural proficiency, identifying and responding to biases, leading learning conversations, and teaching students in alignment with standards for social justice. 

Leadership Essentials

Teacher leaders develop the emotional intelligence skills needed to build collaborative relationships with their teammates. They learn to reflect on their team’s functioning, use strategies to manage conflict, and also develop skills to coach and give feedback to others.

Rigorous Content in ELA and Math

Teacher leaders deepen their knowledge of rigorous academic standards and master the instructional practices necessary to ensure all students are college and career ready.