Michigan Teacher Corps (MTC)

Michigan Teacher Corps (MTC) is an ambitious, teacher-centered effort to invigorate struggling Michigan schools with great teaching. With the support of the Michigan Department of Education, MTC builds a passionate group of like-minded teachers, and provides the training, coaching and leadership development they need to provide a transformative education for Michigan students.

We are committed to serving Michigan’s lowest-performing schools, with a focus on Priority schools—those in the bottom 5 percent of state rankings, where too many children start school behind and struggle to catch up. We believe that Michigan schools have what it takes to thrive, and we know that great teachers are central to that renewal, both in their classrooms and within their schools.

Learn How to Become a MTC Teacher Leader

If you are interested in becoming a teacher leader with the MTC, please refer to the MTC website for additional information: http://michiganteachercorps.org/