Greater Memphis Fellowship - Concluding June 2017


Fellowship Program Paths

There are two paths into the Fellowship, depending on your school context: The Teacher Leader Teams Path and the Individual Teacher Leader Path. Regardless of the path, all Fellows receive the same leadership coaching, foundational training in excellent teacher leadership, and certification in Leading Teams or Coaching Others regardless of the path you choose. Learn more about both paths and then talk to your principal to determine which path is right for you.

The Teacher Leader Teams Fellowship

Teacher Leader Teams path is a team-based approach to teacher leadership that allows a team of teacher leaders and their school leader to apply to the Fellowship together to impact school-wide change. In the Fellowship, the school leader joins teacher leaders to identify school priorities and support teacher leaders’ work toward achieving them. All candidates and the school leader apply and complete the 2-year Fellowship together. Learn more.

The Individual Teacher Leader Fellowship

The Individuals Fellowship provides professional development for teacher leaders to maximize impact in their classrooms and on their teacher teams. In the Fellowship, the teacher leader works closely with other Fellows to develop best practices and an initiative that will advance student achievement in their school. Individual candidates apply with the demonstrated support of their principal. Learn more.


  • Since 2014, 23 schools across Greater Memphis have partnered with Leading Educators
  • 48 teacher leaders are currently enrolled in the Fellowship, leading approximately 384 teachers and impacting 11,040 students
  • 99% of Fellows agree that “Leading Educators formal training sessions will allow them to effect positive change in their sphere of influence”
  • 100% of Fellows agree that “as a result of leadership coaching, they will have an increased positive impact on their students, team, and school”


National Louis University

Leading Educators partners with National Louis University to provide our second-year Fellows with an opportunity to complete a graduate degree in Educational Leadership within a one-year period. There is very close alignment between the learning outcomes for the Leading Educators Fellowship and NLU's Educational Leadership program. This additional graduate degree can serve as a valuable credential to teacher leaders.