Finance & Operations

Matthew Bradford
Director of Operations

Matthew Bradford is a former educator who believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to receive an excellent education. He leads information technology and operations as the Director of Operations at Leading Educators.

Matthew’s “Why”

As a child of privilege growing up in Indiana, Matthew learned over time how inequitable his circumstances were compared to the struggles that others needed to overcome. His passion for providing excellent opportunities for all students is fostered at Leading Educators as the organization’s work and impact broadens to more students, schools, and districts.

Matthew’s Journey

Matthew gravitated towards camp counseling and education as a means of providing equitable support and opportunities for children and adolescents. Providing excellent teachers and support services for all became a huge motivator for him as he moved from Indiana to Houston, Texas, after college to begin working as a teacher in KIPP Houston.

Matthew holds a degree in English from Indiana University. He lives in Austin, Texas with two creative and enthusiastic boys and his amazing wife. He loves running, photography, and the mountains.

Matthew is inspired by others who follow their passions and do good in the world.

Fun-fact: Matthew once adopted a pig but he quickly learned that a home with young children and a pig with an attitude is not a good fit. He found an excellent farm that the pig is now lives on with other wonderful, adopted pigs, goats, and miniature ponies.