Meet The Nonprofit Disrupting The Multibillion-A-Year Teacher Professional Development Industry

Friends of Leading Educators,

We’re excited to share that our work to foster excellent and equitable teaching for every student, every day has been featured in Forbes.

Drawing from our recent partnerships with Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) and DC Public Schools (DCPS), the piece by Brendan Lowe emphasizes the importance of building sustainable and effective alternatives to teacher professional learning that give teachers the tools and knowledge to make effective instructional decisions. School districts spend nearly $18,000 per teacher, per year on teacher professional development.  That investment rarely connects to the curriculum teachers are actually teaching, creating a huge missed opportunity to accelerate student growth.

The piece also draws attention to the complex challenges districts have to navigate in making systemic changes to accelerate student learning.  Here’s an excerpt:

Together, they redesigned students’ and teachers’ schedules at 10 Tulsa schools, jumping through myriad hoops so teachers could spend more time talking to — and learning from — each other. Halfway through the first year of implementation, teachers now collaborate for 90 minutes a week, up from as few as 45 minutes previously, and find they prefer learning in small groups with their school-based colleagues to sitting in large audiences, listening to outsiders from external organizations, Fletcher said.

“That’s not the place that we were in before,” he said. “There’s a sense of partnership and a feeling like they’re being listened to and heard.”

Our collective charge to ensure that school systems have the conditions, teaching, and leadership to serve the students furthest from opportunity will require the efforts of many, and we can’t be more thankful to be on this journey with you.  Let’s ignite potential.

Chong-Hao Fu

Chief Executive Officer