Program Innovation

Laura Meili
Managing Director of Program Innovation

Laura is a content and program designer who loves creating adult learning that leads to student learning. She leads efforts to create, share, learn from, and improve current and future programming as the Managing Director of Program Innovation at Leading Educators.

Laura’s “Why”

As a former teacher and teacher leader, Laura remembers vividly what it felt like to be new to leading adults and hungry for opportunities to grow. She unfortunately led plenty of just-okay professional learning as a new teacher leader, which has since fueled and sustained her passion for designing and facilitating effective adult learning. You can always count on her to nerd out about how to make learning experiences more inclusive, engaging, and transformative for students and teachers alike. Laura is also focused on continuously interrogating her whiteness to ensure that her mindsets, practices, and leadership help disrupt and transform systems and close the opportunity gap for all kids.

Laura’s Journey

Previously, Laura led the redesign of Leading Educators’ programming focused on the Common Core State Standards, teaching and leading for equity, instructional leadership, and content cycles as the Managing Director of Design. Before joining Leading Educators, she worked in the Office of Professional Learning at the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), where she led professional development and founded a teacher leadership cohort to support teachers with the CPS Framework for Teaching and teacher evaluations. Laura started her career teaching reading and writing to middle school students on Chicago’s south side.

Laura graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Psychology and earned her M.Ed. in Literacy, Language, and Culture from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She lives in Chicago where she spends her free time playing volleyball, doing yoga, and reading too many books at once.

Fun-fact: Laura has taken one second of video every day for the last 5 years, so can show you the past half decade of her life in about a half hour!