Kristine Schipper
Greater Grand Rapids Instructional Leadership Coach

Kristine is a passionate educator determined to make a positive impact on the educational landscape. She supports several schools in the Greater Grand Rapids areas as an Instructional Leadership Coach at Leading Educators.

Kristine’s “Why”

Coming from generations of educators, the world of education has always been a passion for Kristine. After many years as a teacher and district leader, it became overwhelmingly clear to Kristine that opportunities within education varied drastically. In her own classroom Kristine fought against some of these opportunity gaps and as a leader advocated strongly for others to do the same. For far too many students, their opportunities in education have been different than her own. Passion for the work, coupled with a deep desire to be part of positive change that strengthens opportunities for all students is what drives Kristine to do this work.

Kristine’s Journey

Before joining Leading Educators, Kristine worked as an elementary teacher in the Grand Rapids Area. She also spent time as a School Innovation Partner working closely with building leaders in schools with historically underserved students to develop systems of improvement to foster sustainable building transformation. Most recently, Kristine held the role of Curriculum Director where she developed systems of professional learning, supported the district instructional vision and established coaching structures to support teachers.

Kristine holds an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from Michigan State University and a B.A. in Elementary Education from Bethel University. She lives in Lake Odessa, Michigan, with her husband and three children. Kristine enjoys hiking, reading and being a parent cheerleader at her childrens’ events.

What Inspires You? The teachers and building leaders I get the opportunity to work with are what fuel me. The dedication and strong belief they model for themselves and their students solidifies for me that the work we set out to do is possible. They are living proof of the reality that is within reach.

Fun-fact: I firmly believe bacon is gross.