Annual Report 2012



Through the Fellowship and Strategic Support Initiatives, Leading Educators currently serves approximately 475 teacher-leaders, who lead roughly 4,750 teachers and impact a total of 166,250 students in about 167 schools Denver, Houston, Kansas City, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C.


In 2013, 43 Fellows in Kansas City and New Orleans graduated from the Fellowship. We currently have 154 active Fellows working in approximately 87 schools. Since the full Fellowship began in 2011, we have worked in 104 schools.


Approximately 83% of the students our Fellows serve qualify for the federal free and reduced lunch program.


Ninety-five percent of alumni surveyed are retained in the field of education. Ninety-seven percent continue to serve in roles and organizations specifically focused high-needs populations.


"Leading Educators is an extremely important key to success in education. It provides unlimited cutting edge resources and constant support."
- Erik Kelt, Cohort 2010