Our Gateway support helps schools and districts get ready to implement our curriculum.



We know that our impact on teachers and students is greatest when we partner with schools and districts to deliver our high-touch programming. Learn more by visiting our fellowship, curriculum, and impact pages. 

But we also know that our best-in-class professional learning for teacher leaders will only be able to truly transform outcomes for kids if schools and districts have set the stage for success. To unleash the power of teacher leadership, schools and districts must create a compelling vision and theory of action for this work, invest the many stakeholders whose work intersects with teacher leadership, clearly define teacher leader roles that are tightly aligned to instructional priorities, and devise a plan for funding these efforts sustainably.  

Leading Educators is uniquely poised to support schools and districts in establishing these important enabling conditions, having played a leading role in designing and executing teacher leadership initiatives in diverse contexts across the country. We provide this support as a "gateway" in order to lay a firm foundation for our high-touch programming and ensure that teacher leaders can have the greatest possible impact.



Gateway support happens in three stages:


How will teacher leadership improve student learning? What are the opportunities and potential challenges?

+ Plan:

What does success look like? What will teacher leader roles look like? How will teacher leaders be selected and supported?

+ Act:

The first cohort of teacher leaders begins their professional learning.