Coherence is key

One year ago, we began a groundbreaking partnership with Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) to ensure every student experiences opportunity in the classroom and beyond. “Taking Coherence Across the Chasm” unpacks these efforts to strengthen teaching, highlighting the power of a coherent instructional approach and visionary districts like TPS who are leading a learning evolution.

Students and teachers achieve their best when leaders steward a coherent instructional approach. Coherent systems align quality curricular materials and assessments, supports for continuous improvements in instruction, time for meaningful collaboration, and other resources to help teachers create excellent and equitable learning every day. Support partners like Leading Educators play a critical role in helping districts and school networks navigate systemic change to build thriving learning environments.

“Teachers are rapidly building their knowledge both in content and the pedagogical process. [Seeing the progress] from where they self assessed at the beginning to where they are now is exciting.”
— Devin Fletcher, Chief Talent and Learning Officer at TPS


  • Coherent instructional systems that provide standards-aligned teaching and learning, high-quality materials, content-aligned professional learning, and supporting resources work for students.

  • Many districts are ready to make impactful instructional shifts

  • The scale of systemic change feels riskier than incremental change, so support organizations and funders play a critical role in moving “the Early Majority” of systems across the adoption chasm.

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