District Capacity Building

Leading Educators created programmatic standards to define the district leader, school leader, teacher leader, and teacher actions necessary for a thriving instructional approach.  They serve as a set of practices to guide leaders in enhancing professional learning and cultivating a culturally and linguistically responsive learning environment for every student. These standards are not a checklist nor are they meant to be evaluative. As we work with partners to define a scope of support and the services most relevant to the context, these outcomes are our north star.

Preparing for Implementation and Gradual Release

To support school systems and schools in creating capacity for continuous improvement, we work with key leaders to set a vision and road map for systems design, implementation, and gradual release.  Sample touch points include:

  • Needs assessment and planning meetings

  • Professional learning design PLCs

  • Instructional leadership coaching PLCs

  • Data step-backs and school walkthroughs