Leading Educators Leverages Boomerang for Outlook to Increase Productivity and Work-Life Balance

Like many organizations, we at Leading Educators are constantly trying to figure out how to maximize our productivity and impact within the limited time that we have available. There are always exciting conversations to be had, opportunities to pursue, and tasks to accomplish – all in what often feels like too short of a work day.  

One of our responses has been to look to technology for support, including the email add-in, Boomerang for Outlook.  As an organization, Leading Educators relies extensively on Boomerang for Outlook to help us create better work-life balance. In fact, we were recently featured in a video by the developers of Boomerang to spotlight how we use the feature to schedule emails to go out at optimal times, get follow up reminders if a message doesn't get a response, track read receipts, and share availability to schedule meetings when it’s convenient for all attendees.  

Check us out in the video below and see how we've used Boomerang for Outlook to make Leading Educators a more work- and life-friendly organization.