Ashley Davis
Chicago ELA Instructional Leadership Coach

Ashley is an instructional coach who believes all students deserve access to equitable literacy instruction. Ashley currently leads four ELA schools in the Chicago Collaborative and is responsible for the direct coaching and professional development of each schools’ Teacher Leaders.

Ashley’s “Why”

Coming from humble beginnings, Ashley is inspired by her first-hand experience with how transformative education can be and how it can change the trajectory of one’s life. Ashley understands the potentially calamitous impact vast disparities in opportunity can have on a student’s academic success. This is why Ashley’s life’s work is to ensure that opportunity is never a barrier for a student’s academic success and, specifically, a student’s literacy development.

Ashley’s Journey

Ashley began her career as a 5th grade teacher in her hometown of Rockford, IL.  Immediately, she realized that she would need the specialized knowledge of a graduate degree to maximize her impact on students’ lives. Ashley relocated to pursue her graduate studies at Western Michigan University (WMU), where she served as a reading specialist in the university’s reading clinic and taught a course in content area literacy upon graduation. Before joining Leading Educators, Ashley served as a Literacy Coach for two Chicago International Charter School campuses.

Ashley holds a M.A.Ed. in Literacy Studies from Western Michigan University and a B.S. in Elementary Education from Western Illinois University.

Ashley lives in Chicago with her husband Daniel and her two sons Daniel Jr. and Dylan.

Fun-Fact: Ashley met her husband in the fourth grade.