Network Leadership & Design

Ashlei Turner
Director of Content

Ashlei is an educator who seeks to find ways to develop each teacher beyond their wildest expectations. Ashlei is devoted to creating spaces that allow teachers and leaders to learn to make their schools more equitable for the students they serve. As the Director of Content, she creates standards aligned content to support the program teams in Network 2. Ashlei also serves as a Leadership Coach for K-2 Content Leaders in the New Orleans cohort.  

Ashlei’s “Why”

As a brand-new teacher in 1998, Ashlei was overwhelmed and under supported throughout her first year of teaching. She worked hard but never felt as if she was doing the “right” things. Then, life changed: she was partnered with a lead teacher in her second year of teaching. This teacher transformed her views on educating children and gave her renewed passion for education. With her prompting, Ashlei was motivated to go back to school and get a Master’s degree. Ashlei wants to bring that type of motivation and joy to other teachers by being a trainer, coach, and mentor.

Ashlei’s Journey

Previously, Ashlei has worked at schools in Louisiana and Texas as a primary teacher, a Reading Specialist, and an ELL Specialist. Ashlei began her career as a teacher coach in Houston Independent School working in the Professional Development Department coaching brand new teachers. Ashlei returned to Louisiana in 2011 to work with the Match Teacher Coaching program to provide one on one coaching with teachers throughout Orleans Parish. In 2015, Ashlei was promoted to Senior Leadership Coach at Match and piloted a program that exclusively coached School Leaders in culture, data, and content. Before joining Leading Educators, Ashlei was the Director of Teaching and Learning at New Beginning Schools Foundation, a group of 3 charter school located in New Orleans.  

Ashlei holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction, both from Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, LA. Ashlei lives in New Orleans, LA, with her husband Melvin and their dog, Boudreaux. In her free time, Ashlei can be found reading books, volunteering in her community, strolling the streets of New Orleans for delicious food, or planning her next vacation.

What Inspires You? Ashlei is inspired by the quote, “True voice is unlimited power.” She is determined to work to give agency to the teachers and students in New Orleans and ultimately the entire country.

Fun-fact: My Hashtags are: #HBCU4Life #KinkyCurlyHair #NOLAtilYaDie #WhoDatNation