Data & Evaluation

Ariana Audisio
Data and Evaluation Manager

Ariana is a research analyst who strongly believes in the power of education as an instrument for liberation and happiness. She leads reporting and data storytelling of impact across regions as the Data and Evaluation Manager at Leading Educators.

Ariana’s “Why”

As the daughter of an immigrant in her native country, a first generation immigrant in her adopted country, and a parent, Ariana understands how crucial teachers and schools are in providing support and inspiration for children that lack other forms of social networks. She also understands the value of critical thinking and learning about others and your own culture to solve the most difficult problems in society and live a better life. Knowing that there are children who don’t receive what they need at school or at home is what gives Ariana energy and direction for her work every day.

Ariana’s Journey

Before joining Leading Educators, Ariana worked as a Pre-K-6 Spanish teacher and was an advocate and volunteer at her children's’ schools. She also worked as a research assistant on rural development and poverty issues at the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research.

Ariana holds an M.S. in Government Analytics from Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. in Economics from the Andrés Bello Catholic University. She lives in Rockville and spends her free time enjoying the company of her three children, husband, and dog.

Fun-fact: Dancing and chocolate ice cream makes me happy.