Kansas City:
Priority Deadline: Feb. 17
Final Deadline: March 30

New Orleans & Baton Rouge:
Priority Deadline: Feb. 2
Final Deadline: March 30

Priority Deadline: Feb. 23
Final Deadline: April 6

Washington D.C.:
Priority Deadline: Feb. 18
Final Deadline: March 24


Cohort 2015


We are excited that you have decided to apply for the Leading Educators Fellowship. If successful, you will join an elite group of teacher leaders who are committed to extending their impact to increase faculty and student success.

This year we are excited to offer two ways to enroll in the Fellowship. The Teacher Leader Teams Fellowship is a team-based approach to teacher leadership that allows a team of teacher leaders and their principal to apply to the Fellowship to impact school-wide change. We encourage you to consider the teachers and leaders at your school and whether you have the capacity as a team to implement teacher leadership on a larger scale.

The second option is the individual teacher leader approach we have offered in the past that provides the opportunity to impact school wide change through a teacher leader’s own efforts.

If you have any questions about which model is right for you or your school, please feel free to reach out to your regional contact or email us at We ask that DCPS schools interested in the team approach contact Jallon Croskey ( or Gillian Page ( for more information on the Teacher Leadership Innovation (TLI) Pilot, a team-based program offered in partnership by Leading Educators and DCPS.


Successful candidates must have the following:

  • Formal or informal responsibility for impacting the results of at least two other faculty members at the school
  • Outstanding results as a teacher as measured by classroom observations or student achievement
  • A minimum of two years of teaching experience


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