Fall 2014 | Cohort 2015


We are excited that you have decided to apply for the Leading Educators Fellowship. If successful, you will join an elite group of teacher leaders who are committed to extending their impact to increase faculty and student success.


Successful candidates must have the following:

  • Formal or informal responsibility for impacting the results of at least two other faculty members at the school
  • Outstanding results as a teacher as measured by classroom observations or student achievement
  • A minimum of two years of teaching experience
  • An endorsement from their principal to participate in the Fellowship (visit Endorse page to review requirements and expectations)



Application Under Revision - opens January 2015

We are in the process of updating the Fellowship application for Cohort 2015. We expect the new application will be online in January. For more details about our program and the application prior to its release, please explore this section of the site, or feel free to contact us at info@leadingeducators.org.









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