Our Work

We all remember that one great teacher - the one who ignited our love of learning and believed in all that we could be. What if every child had access to that kind of teacher every year?  

Leading Educators strives to make that vision a reality by investing in the single greatest determinant of student success - teachers. We partner with school districts around the country to build systems of professional learning designed to strengthen teachers’ content and pedagogical skills and, ultimately, improve the quality of teaching and learning. Together with school and district leaders, Leading Educators provides development and planning support that empowers a network of teacher leaders to drive instructional improvement in their schools, create a school-wide culture of learning,  and equip students with the knowledge and skills that they need for college, career, and life.  Our model helps school and district leaders assess their talent strategy and instructional priorities to make systemic shifts that improve and norm the quality of instruction in every classroom.  The result is sustainable systems that work.

Leading Educators partners with school districts to :

  • Develop models of distributed leadership that empower teacher leaders to drive instructional improvement efforts in their schools.

  • Strengthen teachers’ leadership, management, and instructional expertise so they have the skills needed to meet rigorous college and career readiness standards

  • Build school and district leaders’ capacity to develop and sustain robust systems of iterative professional learning to improve teacher and student performance

We do this by:

  • Helping districts identify and establish the enabling conditions key to building and sustaining high-quality professional learning systems for teachers

  • Providing job-embedded training, coaching, and other supports that are grounded in data and the reality of teacher leaders’ daily practice

  • Delivering context-specific programming that develops teachers’ leadership, equity, and subject matter expertise in English, language arts, and math

  • Supporting teacher leaders in implementing Cycles of Professional Learning to build their capacity as designers and facilitators of adult learning.

Since our launch in 2008, we have worked with a number of districts to strategically assess and support school transformation efforts through teacher leadership. Last year, Leading Educators’ work reached 730 teacher leaders who led and supported about 2,920 teachers in service of 72,950 students.