Great Teachers Change Lives

We all know the power of a great teacher.  Every child deserves a school filled with teachers who provide a sense of belonging, who cultivate joy, and who expect the most.  Day in and day out, schools and districts strive (and sometimes struggle) to make this vision a reality, and we're here to help.

From the very beginning, we've focused on empowering teachers to be their best and lead transformational change.  Without intentional planning and practice, districts and principals face incredible challenges in helping teachers effectively grow. 

We've been in their shoes.  While often rewarding, the practice of teaching is demanding.  Better supports are within reach.  By empowering educators to lead other educators, we help districts uncover new possibility at the intersection of quality content and great teaching.

For nearly ten years, we have helped innovative school districts across the country co-plan around their biggest academic needs.  Within their communities, we've aimed to empower strong teachers with the tools and skills to bring out the best in themselves and their peers.  Over time, we have taken professional learning out of big auditoriums and brought it closer to the classroom, where teachers in a content area can better assess student work, build knowledge of standards and pedagogy, and make real-time adjustments that help students right now. 

Teachers need consistent, relevant learning opportunities to succeed, and we're determined to ensure that districts have the conditions and structures to reach high-quality teaching and learning in every classroom.  Our approach helps school and district leaders make equity-informed shifts that counteract systemic bias and ensure affirming, challenging learning experiences for every child every day.

We began our work in New Orleans in 2008 after Hurricane Katrina brought drastic changes to the local school systems, and schools were in need of leadership support.  Since our launch, we have worked with a number of communities to assess and support school transformation efforts through teacher leadership. Last year, Leading Educators’ work reached 730 teacher leaders who led and supported about 2,920 teachers in service of 72,950 students.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from DCPS LEAP Leader Libby Sanchez.